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Table 3 Themes derived from participant responses

From: Maternal perceptions of childhood vaccination: explanations of reasons for and against vaccination

Perspective Why Vaccinate Why Not Vaccinate/Delay
Theme 1 Sources of Influence
 Subtheme Experience Experience
  Category  Personal and Others  Personal and Others
 Family member perspective on vaccinating  Family member perspective on vaccinating
 Subtheme External Sources External Sources
  Categories  Trust  Lack of Trust
 Pressured  Pressured
 Opportunity  Consulted with health professional
 Social norm  
Theme 2 Deliberative Processes
 Subtheme Risk Risk
  Categories  Necessary  Unnecessary
   Natural immunity
   Immune system needs to mature
 Healthier with them  Healthier without them
 Safety  Safety
  Peace of mind   Concern about vaccine contents
    Number of shots
  Autism/ Allergy Issues
 Subtheme Research Research
  Category  It’s smart  
 Subtheme Effectiveness Effectiveness
  Category  Effective  Concern with effectiveness
 Subtheme Balancing risks and benefits Balancing risks and benefits
  Category  Benefits outweigh the risks  Risks outweigh the benefits
 Subtheme Responsibility Choice
  Categories  Personal  Personal
 Social altruism  
   Just haven’t yet
   Difficult to take time off of work
   Busy clinic
  Health Issues
   Sick at time of shot
   Waiting until breastfeeding is complete
   Waiting for child to put more weight on