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Table 6 Issues related to IDSR implementation identified during qualitative interviews

From: Evaluation of integrated disease surveillance and response (IDSR) core and support functions after the revitalisation of IDSR in Uganda from 2012 to 2016

IDSR Aspect Major issues
1.0 Achievements of IDSR traininga 1.1 Completeness of reporting has improved
1.2 Timeliness of reporting has improved
1.3 Improvement in case detection
1.4 There is better response to outbreaks
1.5 Data analysis has improved
2.0 Reasons for improved confidence in executing IDSR tasksa 2.1 Capacity building trainings
2.2 Supervision and mentorship
3.0Challenges affecting IDSR implementationb 3.1 Inadequate number of trained health workers
3.2 Inadequate funding
3.3 Some health workers perceive IDSR to be vertical program
3.4 Irregular supervision
3.5 High turnover of trained health workers
4.0 Recommendations to improve future IDSR trainingb 4.1 Train more health workers
4.2 IDSR training should be conducted regularly
4.3 Train community members in IDSR
4.4 Integrating IDSR into pre-service training
4.5 Strengthening IDSR support supervision
  1. aData was collected from Focus Group Discussions. b Data was collected from Key Informant interviews