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Table 5 Lessons learned about receptivity and sustainability

From: The FLEX study school-based physical activity programs – measurement and evaluation of implementation

Common enabling factors across programs
 Adequate time available Administration buy-in and support Enthusiasm from implementer
Program specific enablers and barriers 100 Mile Club CHALK/Just Move
 Enablers Adequate outdoor/indoor routes Easy to use
Highly engaged school champion and staff Highly adaptable to class schedule
Delegation of tracking Flexibility with high and low intensity moves
  Visual cues of cards helpful
  Teachers sharing tips between themselves
  Useful for classroom/subject transitions
 Barriers Challenges making indoor route feasible and fun Physical cards can get lost
Conflicts with the school schedule-recess or PE Lack of language translation
Maintaining tracking Physical size of classroom for certain exercises
Responsibility for keeping program going falls mainly to one person Engagement of teachers and students
  Lack or insufficient initial and ongoing training
Recommendations for future implementation 100 Mile Club CHALK/Just Move
 Sustainability   More teacher training and/or check-ins
 Scalability Define it as a school-wide program Translation to encourage ELL/ESL student leaders
Help schools enhance indoor routes Creation of cards with moves for older grades