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Table 4 Odds ratio of consumption of a healthy snack for a one period increase in time stratified by change in compliance to the standards (n = 154)

From: Compliance with nutrition standards in Mexican schools and their effectiveness: a repeated cross-sectional study

  Unadjusted model Adjusted modela
OR (95%CI) Effect mod. pb OR (95%CI) Effect mod. pb
Compliance decreases 0.77 (0.37,1.62) 0.2579 0.57 (0.19,1.70) 0.006
Compliance stable 0.63 (0.32,1.22)   0.58 (0.25,1.37)  
Compliance increases 2.33 (0.91,5.98)   3.89 (1.47,10.31)  
  1. aAdjustments: sex, grade, shift, area level extreme poverty, area level education and free drinking water. bFor the null hypothesis that the odds of a healthy snack over time is the same regardless of whether school’s compliance with the standards increases, is stable or decreases