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Table 3 Odds ratio (95% CI) of a healthy snack for a 10% increase in school compliance with standards, stratified by snack origin (n = 477)

From: Compliance with nutrition standards in Mexican schools and their effectiveness: a repeated cross-sectional study

  Unadjusted model Adjusted modela
OR (95%CI) Effect mod. p b OR (95%CI) Effect mod. p b
Snack from home 0.97 (0.77,1.22) 0.10 1.01 (0.81,1.26) 0.05
Snack from school 1.21 (1.02,1.44)   1.32 (1.09,1.61)  
  1. aAdjusted for time, sex, grade, shift, free drinking water, area level education and area level extreme poverty b For the null hypothesis that the association between school compliance to standards and healthy snack is the same regardless of whether the snack was brought from home or purchased in school