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Table 1 General description of health departments and the regions they serve

From: Impact of an organization-wide knowledge translation strategy to support evidence-informed public health decision making

  Case A Case B Case C
Population 1,200,000 2,700,000 760,000
Area 1254 km2 630 km2 2590 km2
General notes on population served Large, diverse immigrant population Large, diverse immigrant population Mid-size, mix urban/rural area served
Large municipality in Canada Large municipality in Canada
High rate of annual population growth Large urban centre
Total Workforce 620 1750 741
Organizational Structure (Divisions / Directorates) Office of the Medical Officer of Health Communicable Disease Control Emergency Medical Services
Chronic Disease and Injury Environmental Health
Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Prevention Oral Health
Healthy Communities Public Health Nursing and Nutrition
Environmental Health Healthy Families Infant and Child Development Services a
Family Health Healthy Public Policy
Communicable Disease Control Performance and Standards Administration a
Healthy Environments a
Strategic Support a
Dental and Oral Health a
Finance and Administration a
Office Location(s) One central office; three satellite offices One head office; 14 additional office locations (and 19 clinics, 1 warehouse) One central office
Strategic Plan / Infrastructure Priorities Developing the workforce Deliver services that meet the health needs of a diverse communities Explore new media to deliver health messages.
Making evidence-informed decisions
Measuring performance Understand, promote and advocate for the social determinants of health.
Enhancing external / internal communications Champion healthy public policy
Plan for and respond to urgent public health threats and emergencies Understand and improve outreach to priority populations through improved service accessibility and effective social marketing.
Serving an ethno-culturally diverse community
Lead innovation in urban public health practice
(Strategic Plan, 2009–2019)
Advance research and knowledge exchange through interdivisional collaboration and innovation.
Be a healthy workplace that embraces excellence and promotes collaboration and mutual respect
(Quality Enhancement Plan, 2008–2010)
(Strategic Plan, 2010–2014)
  1. aDirectorates not included in PHSI study
  2. This information represents the health departments at baseline (2009–2010)