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Table 7 Causes of death and police-reported offences used in Method B

From: Estimating the public health impact of disbanding a government alcohol monopoly: application of new methods to the case of Sweden

  ICD9 ICD10
 Alcoholic liver disease 571.0–571.3 K70-K70.4, K70.9
 Suicide E950-E959 X60-X84, (except X65) Y87.0
Injuries. Composite measure comprising:
Drowning injuries E910 W65-W74
Fall injuries E880-E888, E848 W00-W19
Fire injuries E890-E899 X00-X09
Motor-vehicle traffic crashes E810-E819 V02-V04, V12-V14, V20-V79, V89.2
Undetermined E980–E989 Y10–Y34,Y87.2,Y89.9
Police-reported offences   
Drink driving