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Table 6 Three digit ICD-10 codes corresponding to alcohol attributable conditions used in GBD WHO method (Method A)

From: Estimating the public health impact of disbanding a government alcohol monopoly: application of new methods to the case of Sweden

Major Category Condition ICD-10 code
Infectious diseases Tuberculosis A15 to A19
HIV B20 to B24
Lower respiratory tract infections J09 to J22
Cancer Oropharyngeal cancer C00 to C14
Oesophageal cancer C15
Colorectal cancer C18 to C21
Liver cancer C22
Pancreatic cancer C25
Laryngeal cancer C32
Breast cancer C50
Type 2 diabetes Type 2 Diabetes mellitus E11, E14
Mental health conditions Mental and behavioural disorders due to alcohol F10
Epilepsy G40 to G41
Cardiovascular conditions Hypertensive disease / hypertension I10 to I15
Ischaemic heart disease I20 to I25
Cardiac arrhythmia I47 to I49
Heart failure and complications of heart disease I50 to I52
Ischaemic stroke I63, I65 to I67
Haemorrhagic stroke CI60 to I62
Digestive conditions Cirrhosis of the liver K70, K74
Acute pancreatitis K85
Injuries* Unintentional injuries Begins with V or W, X00 to X59, Y40 to Y86, Y88, Y89
Intentional self-harm X60 to X84
Assault/homicide X85 to Y09
  1. *ICD10 codes for injury hospital stays appear in an additional diagnosis category called “external cause of injury.” To be included, the primary diagnosis must have an ICD10 code in S00 to S99, T00 to T77, T79