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Table 1 Sponsor and non-sponsor branded food products used in brand preferences task, with health star ratinga,b

From: The impact of unhealthy food sponsorship vs. pro-health sponsorship models on young adults’ food preferences: a randomised controlled trial

  Unhealthy product Healthier product
Product category Sponsor brand Non-sponsor brand Sponsor brand Non-sponsor brand
Breakfast cereal Sugary cereal Sugary cereal Healthier cereal Healthier cereal
Take-away food Chicken burger Chicken burger Chicken & salad roll Chicken & salad roll
Non-alcoholic beverage Sugary lemonade Sugary lemonade Mineral water Mineral water
  1. aHealth Star Ratings were used by the research team to help identify unhealthy vs. healthier products within a product category; they were not shown to study participants
  2. bThis table describes brands and products in generic terms. Actual brand names and product images were displayed to participants undertaking the brand preference task