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Table 4 Data sources for child engagement theme

From: Process evaluation of a pilot multi-component physical activity intervention – active schools: Skelmersdale

  Teacher Child WDST Observations
Enjoyment “The more we got into it the more we enjoyed it. I thought it was absolutely great because it just gives the kids a bit of a break from learning and they loved it.”
S3, F (BTM).
“They’re really fun because you don’t know what is coming next.”
S2, F (ABs).
“I am doing the daily mile with my friend *child’s name* it is great fun”.
S2, F (DM, Fig. 1).
There is good behaviour throughout all of the video, the teacher only speaks to encourage children. After the video finishes the teacher asks children to put their hand up if they enjoyed themselves, all children in the hall put their hands up in reply.
S3 (BTM).
Positive behaviour “They settle back down onto task and they seem to be more settled and keen to start their work.”
S1, F (ABs).
“Your brain is awake. We do the active classroom break and then we go back into maths, but you know more.”
S2, M (ABs).
“On the picture, we are doing our active classroom break. We all enjoy this and it really wakes us up.”
S2, F (ABs, Fig. 2).
  1. F Female, M Male