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Table 1 Example WDST questions

From: Process evaluation of a pilot multi-component physical activity intervention – active schools: Skelmersdale

YPAPM Factor Intervention Component Questions and Prompts
Predisposing – “Am I able” – Perceived competence/self-efficacy. Active Breaks Were the classroom based exercises hard or easy to complete?
What was it about the exercises which made them easy/hard?
Do you feel different doing the classroom based activities now compared to when you first started them?
Can you think of how your body feels different?
Predisposing – “Is it worth it” – Enjoyment. Born To Move videos Was it enjoyable to take part in the videos?
What did you enjoy about the videos?
Was there anything you didn’t like about them?
Reinforcing – Teacher Influence Daily Mile/100 Mile Club What did your teacher do during the mile run?
What is like to run the mile with your teacher taking part?