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Table 1 Ungdata Survey 2017: questions, response alternatives and variable definitions

From: The association between physical activity and symptoms of depression in different contexts – a cross-sectional study of Norwegian adolescents

Questions Response alternatives Variable definitions
Symptoms of depression
 During the past week, have you been affected by any of the following issues:
  Felt that everything is a struggle (item 1) Not been affected at all, not been affected much, been affected quite a lot and been affected a great deal. Symptoms of depression
>  80th percentiler
  Had sleep problems (item 2)
  Felt unhappy, sad or depressed (item 3)
  Felt hopelessness about the future (item 4)
  Felt stiff or tense (item 5)
  Worried too much about things (item 6)
Physical activity
 How often do you do physical activity, which gets you out of breath or makes you sweaty? Never, rarely, 1–2 times a month, 1–2 times a week, 3–4 times a week and at least 5 times a week. less-than or equal to  2 times a week, >  2 times a week
 How often do you participate in the following activities?
 Train or compete with a sports club
 Go to the gym
 Exercise or keep fit independently (running, swimming, cycling, walking)
 Other kinds of organized physical activity (dance, martial arts, etc.)
 Are you a boy or a girl? Boy, girl  
 Do you smoke? I’ve never smoked, I used to smoke but I’ve stopped completely now, I smoke less than once a week, I smoke every week but not every day and I smoke everyday. No smoking, smoking
Alcohol use
 Do you ever drink any kinds of alcoholic drinks? I’ve just tried tasting them a few times, occasionally but less than once a month, generally 1–3 times a month and every week. <  1 time a month
> 1–3 times a month
Parents higher education
 Did your father and mother go to university or to a university college? Select one answer for each parent. If you are not in touch with one or both of your parents, the skip the question about that parent. Yes, no Both parents, One of the parents, None of the pa rents
Family economy
 Financially, has your family been well off, or badly off, over the past years? We have been well off the whole time, we have generally been well off, we have neither been well off nor badly off, we have generally been badly off, we have been badly off the whole time Good economy, nor bad or good economy, bad economy