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Table 1 Local government interventions 1997–2013 aimed at reducing alcohol-related harm

From: Evaluation of a local government “shelter and van” intervention to improve safety and reduce alcohol-related harm

Name of Intervention Date implemented Description
Liquor Accord 1997 (February) Aimed to ensure and maintain ethical conduct within all licensed premises. At the time, Licensees declared their commitment to the promotion of the responsible service of alcohol (RSA).
Surveillance cameras 1998 Introduced in the entertainment precinct [22].
Review of Liquor Accord 2002 This resulted in 114 licensees signing a commitment to implement the Accord [22].
2 am venue lockout 2007 No person is allowed to enter a licensed premise after 2 am [26, 53].
Night-rider bus 2007 (July) To pick up clients from venues on demand. This intervention was co-funded by licensees, police and local government. The bus was discontinued after three years (June 2010) because of inconsistent contributions from licensees [54, 55].
Patron Ban No date Licensees can ban a patron from their venue for troublesome behaviour, and police can also ban someone from a venue.
No shots policy 2010 “No shots after 2 am” policy [25, 26].
Polycarbonate drinkware No date Implemented in all 5 am venues.
Taxi ranks 2004 Three taxi ranks were in operation with varying levels of demand.
Supervised taxi ranks October 2005 A supervised taxi rank [23]. Two security guards supervise the rank from 2 am–6 am on Sunday mornings [23].
Chill Out Van February 2011 A van that is staffed by volunteers to provide a range of services.
Safe Transport Shelter February 2013 Architecturally designed shelter with amenities. Supervised taxi rank moved to this location.