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Table 1 Summary of advocacy activities conducted and results on tOPV-bOPV switch in Kano State, April 2016

From: Mobilizing political support proved critical to a successful switch from tOPV to bOPV in Kano, Nigeria 2016

Stakeholder targeted Commitment secured Implementation
Health Commissioner (HC) Meet with private health practitioners to solicit for cooperation on switch The HC met with representatives of private health practitioners on 16th April 2016
  Brief media on the switch plans The HC conducted briefing of 12 media representatives 18th April 2016
  Direct public health workers to operate outside working hours during the switch week All public health workers were directed to be at their workplace even outside working hours during the switch
  Letter to security bodies to allow access to their facilities for the switch Letterswere written to medical directors and commandants of Army, Airforce, Police and Immigration Service hospitals in Kano to grant access to their facilities and allow retrieval of any tOPV that may have been found
  Monitor implementation of switch plans HC Chaired weekly review meeting on switch with the state switch committee
Director NAFDAC Participate in pre-switch supervision of pharmaceutical and major drug dealers that stock tOPV Provided two representatives who participated as state switch monitors that visited pharmaceutical and drug dealers that stock tOPV