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Table 3 Association between sources of nutrition information and nutrition knowledge, based on logistic regression modelsb

From: Sources of nutrition information and level of nutrition knowledge among young adults in the Accra metropolis

Source of informationa Low Nutrition Knowledgec
OR 95% confidence interval
Family 1.078 0.601–1.933
Friends 1.000 0.545–1.836
Healthcare professionals 0.385* 0.150–0.990
Traditional mediad 0.854 0.347–2.100
  1. aUsing binary logistic regression, the relationship between use of online resources and nutrition knowledge could not be determined because of the low level of variation in its use by participants
  2. bThe factors accounted for in the models were age, sex, and educational level
  3. cLow score means below the mean of the sample. The maximum that one could obtain is 15 points
  4. dThis refers to television and radio programmes, as well as newspapers
  5. *p-value < 0.05