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Table 3 Association of knowledge with VMMC status, using propensity score weighting, excluding subjects outside the common support

From: Knowledge on voluntary medical male circumcision in a low uptake setting in northern Uganda

   Crude PR (95% CI) p-value Weighted.PR (95% CI) a p-value
Male respondents VMMC differs from traditional circumcision
Fail to accept vs Accept 0.67(0.45–1.01) 0.053 0.77(0.51–1.15) 0.204
Men normally bleed after VMMC
Fail to reject vs Reject 0.57(0.37–0.88) 0.011 0.67(0.41–1.08) 0.103
Men usually desire more sexual partners after VMMC
Fail to reject vs Reject 0.68(0.50–0.94) 0.019 0.65 (0.46–0.92) 0.014*
VMMC reduces sexual performance
Fail to reject vs Reject 0.52(0.34–0.78) 0.002 0.58(0.38–0.89) 0.012*
Female respondents VMMC reduces (men’s)sexual performance     
Fail to reject vs Reject 0.33(0.12–0.90) 0.031 0.22(0.07–0.76) 0.016*
  1. a Prevalence ratio from poisson model with propensity score weights, excluding respondents outside the common support
  2. * Association with circumcision (p < 0.05)