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Table 1 Comparison of PMTCT Options A, B and B+ [7, 8]

From: Impact of maternal ART on mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV at six weeks postpartum in Rwanda

Timing Option A Option B Option B+
Mother Baby Mother Baby Mother Baby
Antepartum ZDV from 14 weeks onward   Three drug ARV combination from 14 weeks until end of breastfeeding   Three drug ARV combination (from 1st HIV+ test) for life  
Intrapartum Single-dose NVP      
Postpartum 1 week ZDV + 3TC NVP for 6 weeks or until end of breastfeeding   NVP or ZDV until 6 weeks   NVP or ZDV until 6 weeks
  1. ZDV zidovudine, NVP nevirapine, 3TC, lamiduvine, ARV antiretroviral