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Table 2 Adherence to the NAP SACC UK Nutrition Best Practice Standards (measured by observed child food and drink consumption at nursery using CADET)

From: Association of diet in nurseries and physical activity with zBMI in 2–4-year olds in England: a cross-sectional study

Best Practice Standard (Main meals) One main meala, n= 64 Two or more main mealsa, n= 66
n (%) n (%)
 Starchy food
  A portion as part of each meal 55 (85.9) 65 (98.5)
  Three types over the course of the day n/a 32 (48.5)
  Processed potatoes never consumed 57 (89.1) 59 (89.4)
 Fruit and vegetables
  A portion of fruit and a portion of vegetable at each meal 22 (34.4) 46 (69.7)
  A variety of fruits and vegetables over the course of the dayb 57 (89.1) 51 (77.3)
 Meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein
  A portion as part of each meal 32 (50.0) 40 (60.6)
  Processed meat and fish products never consumed 40 (62.5) 43 (65.2)
 Desserts, puddings and cakes
  Milk-based or fruit-based desserts 51 (79.7) 60 (90.9)
  Did not consume sugary drink 63 (98.4) 65 (98.5)
Best Practice Standard (Snacks) One snackc, n= 74 Two snacksc, n= 47
n (%) n (%)
 Starchy food
  As part of at least one snack per day n/a 34 (72.3)
 Fruit and vegetables
  A portion of fruit or vegetable with some snacks n/a 43 (91.5)
  Did not consume dried fruit as a snack 69 (93.2) 45 (95.7)
 High-sugar or high-fat snacks
  Did not consume as a snack 55 (74.3) 28 (59.6)
  Did not consume sugary drink 74 (100.0) 42 (89.4)
  1. N/A Not applicable
  2. a Main meal – lunch or tea. If participant had two main meals but one of it was breakfast, this is defined as one main meal
  3. b At least four types for those who had two or more main meals, and two types for those who had one main meal
  4. c Snack –morning or afternoon snack