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Table 1 Sample messages

From: Diabetes and TelecommunicationS (DATES) study to support self-management for people with type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial

 ‘Trying a new activity can give you a sense of achievement’
 ‘See what small and realistic changes you can make to your diet today.’
 ‘Taking care of your health is setting a fantastic example to your children’ (if family is motivator)
 ‘Better skin, a glowing complexion and better shape are within reach when you look after your diabetes’ (if appearance is motivator)
 ‘Think back to all the good health decisions you’ve made over the last few weeks; really hold on to that feeling of achievement and wellbeing and step away from this temptation.’
 ‘Keep calm, know that lapses are normal and find the strength within you to set yourself a new, realistic goal for the week ahead’.
 It looks like you are making an effort to move around and perhaps you are wondering how else you can fit in a few more steps.... it only takes 10 min to walk 1000 steps and you have already improved your step count massively! (for < 3 k steps)