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Table 1 Schedule of outcome assessments measured at various time points

From: Evaluation of MyTeen – a SMS-based mobile intervention for parents of adolescents: a randomised controlled trial protocol

Timing   0 Week 1 month 3 months
Description Screening Baseline data collection + Randomisation Follow-up data collection Follow-up data collection
General data
 Verbal informed consent    
 Age, sex, ethnicity     
 Socioeconomic position     
 Family structure     
 Child information     
 Contact details  
Form Assessments
 Parental Competence (PSOC)  
 Knowledge of mental health issue (Parent knowledge of depression)  
 Knowledge of mental health help seeking (MHLS)  
 Parental Distress (PSS)  
 Parent-adolescent communication (PASC)  
 Program satisfaction (Intervention Only)     
Exit Interview