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Table 1 Allergy or intolerance classification criteria and allergy severity classification criteria

From: Comparing the eating out experiences of consumers seeking to avoid different food allergens

Classification Symptoms Severity
Symptoms associated with IgE-mediated reactions
‘Stinging nettle’ rash, urticaria, hives, Itching or swelling of the lips, tongue or mouth, asthma, wheezing, facial swelling (does not experience ‘severe’ symptoms) MILD/MODERATE
(Does not include ‘severe’ symptoms)
  Breathing difficulties, anaphylaxis, collapse
(May additionally include symptoms associated with non-IgE-mediated reactions)
(May additionally include ‘mild/moderate’ symptoms)
Symptoms associated with non-IgE-mediated reactions
Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Sneezing, Catarrh, Hyperactivity, Tiredness, Stomach cramps, Other digestive problems (e.g. bloating, constipation), Eczema flare, Migraines/headaches, Aching joints/muscles, Behavioural/mood changes
(Does not include symptoms associated with IgE-mediated reactions)