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Table 1 SPIRIT Flow Diagram of the schedule for participants and data collection for the INST study

From: A randomised controlled trial examining the efficacy of smoking-related response inhibition training in smokers: a study protocol

  Follow-Up Period  
  Enrolment Baseline (T1) and Allocation Training Period Post-Intervention (T2) 1-Month Post-Intervention (T3) 3-Months Post-Intervention (T4) Close-out
TIMEPOINT -t 1 t 0 -t 1 t 2 – t 14 t 15 t 45 t 105 t x
 Eligibility screen X       
 Informed consent X X      
Obtain Contact Information X X      
 Allocation   X      
INST intervention   X X     
Control training   X X     
Demographic Questions   X      
TLFB   X   X X X  
FTND   X   X X X  
DASS   X   X X X  
AUDIT   X     X  
BIS-11   X   X X X  
Stimulus Evaluation Test   X   X X X  
SST   X   X   X  
Craving Rating   X X X X X  
Motivation Rating   X   X X X  
Confidence Rating   X   X X X  
Time of last cigarette   X X     
Data-analysis        X
Debriefing of participants        X
Documentation and Dissemination of Findings        X
  1. t refers to days (from t1 onwards). TLFB Timeline Follow-Back interview, FTND Fagerström Test of Nicotine Dependence, DASS Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale, AUDIT Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, BIS-11 Barrett Impulsiveness Scale, SST Stop Signal Task