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Table 4 Individual group session description and BCTs included in the peer support intervention

From: Development of a peer support intervention to encourage dietary behaviour change towards a Mediterranean diet in adults at high cardiovascular risk

Session component Time allocated (min) Description of session component BCT(s) included
1. Welcome and attendance register 5 Peer supporter keeps a record of attendance for each session -
2. General progress review 10 Group discuss their progress in changing dietary behaviour. Positive encouragement and support between members is encouraged Social support (unspecified)
3. Topic introduction 25 Peer supporter introduces the group session topic. The group share their experiences in relation to the topic and identify the main challenges they have or are likely to encounter in this area Social support (unspecified)
Provide normative behaviour about other’s behaviour
4. Educational demonstration 15 Peer supporters deliver a short educational demonstration such as a video, tasting session, seasonal recipe ideas or a quiz Instruction on how, when and where to perform the behaviour
Demonstrate the behaviour
Information about health consequences in general
Set graded tasks
5. Supportive discussion 25 Group discussion centres on problem-solving strategies to overcome identified challenges in meeting SMART MD goals or in relation to session topic Social support (unspecified)
Barrier identification/problem-solving
6. Personal action plan 10 Group members are supported to set new or review existing SMART MD goals Goal setting (behaviour)
Goal setting (outcome)
Action planning
Prompt self-monitoring of behaviour
Prompt review of behavioural goals
7. Health measurements 10 Group members are offered an individual measurement of blood pressure and weight. Peer supporter offers personal feedback on health measurements Biofeedback
Prompt self-monitoring of outcome
8. Key messages 10 Group summarise key ‘take home’ messages for the session Social support (unspecified)
9. Support between sessions 5 Peer supporters encourage ongoing communication and contact between group members outside the scheduled group sessions Plan social support/social change
10. Next session 5 Peer supporter provides an outline of the next group session -
  1. SCT Social cognitive Theory, SSM Social Support Model, HBM Health Belief