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Table 5 Characteristics of the selected studies for the meta-analysis of the secondary outcomes

From: Effectiveness of targeting fathers for breastfeeding promotion: systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Study Population Comparison Intervention Selected outcomes
1. Abbass-Dick 2015 [78] Canada, Randomized controlled trial Primiparous mothers with a singleton birth, 18 or more years old, term delivery, with a male partner 1. Intervention group (107 couples)
2. Control group (107 couples)
Face to face intervention of approximately 15 minutes. Could refer to materials like workbook, video and a website later -Support of fathers: Intervention group- 71%, Control group- 52%
2. Raeisi 2014 [75] Iran, Interventional study Mother in second trimester, no pregnancy complication or underlying disease 1. Intervention group (Group A) – 50 couples
2. Control group (Group B)- 50 couples
Three training sessions including brochures -Support of fathers:
Intervention group-94%, Control- 60%
-Knowledge of mothers Intervention group-103 points, Control- 95.71 points
3. Maycock 2013 [76] Australia Randomized controlled trial Mother must be more than 18 years, father must be contactable living in Western Australia and willing to involve in child rearing 1. Intervention group- 358
2. Control group-298
Two hour antenatal health education session and a postnatal social support package including printed materials. -Full formula feeding at six weeks: Intervention group-18.4%, Control- 24.8%
4. Susin 2008 [77] Brazil, Controlled clinical trial Couples living in the city of Porto Alegre, infants have no health problems, birth weight equal to or more than 2500 g, have initiated breastfeeding -Control group (no intervention)- 201
-Intervention group with mother- 192
-Intervention group with both mother and father- 193
Health education session with a 18-minute video and a discussion, an explanatory handout was provided -EBF at four months: Intervention group with mothers- 11.1%, Intervention group with both mother and father-16.5%