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Table 3 Characteristics of the selected studies for the meta-analysis of the primary outcome

From: Effectiveness of targeting fathers for breastfeeding promotion: systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Study Population Comparison Intervention Outcomes
1.Ozlusus, 2014 [72] Turkey, Experimental study -Ability to read, write and speak Turkish
-Who were hoping to live in a mentioned area in Turkey until infants would be six months
1. Control group (No intervention) with 39 families
2. Experimental group I (Only mothers) with 39 participants
3. Experimental group II (Both mom and dad) with 39 families
Education manuals, demonstrations. Fathers’ education done during visiting hours (from the day mother got admitted until the day of discharge) -Exclusive breast feeding: Control- 12.8%, Group I- 33.3%, Group II- 56.4
2. Pisacane, 2005 [71] Italy, A controlled trial Parent-pairs of healthy, term normal birth weight infants. unmarried women, 1. Intervention group - 280 participants (140 mothers and 140 fathers)
2. Control group B- 280 participants (140 mothers and 140 fathers)
Intervention included a face-to-face 40 minute session on infant feeding, difficulties in breast feeding including their management. A leaflet given at the end. -Full Breast feeding at six months: Intervention group-25%, Control- 15%
3. Sahip, 2007 [74] Turkey Interventional study. Expectant fathers attending the workplaces in which a trained physician was available consisted the intervention group. 1.Intervention, 80
2. Control, 80
Six sessions each of 3-4 hours. A certificate to hang on newborn babies’ room. -Full Breast feeding at six months: Intervention group-62.5%, Control- 23.7%
4. Su, 2016 [73] China, Quasi-experimental study Participants fluent in Mandarin, more than 20 years, first pregnancy, singleton fetus, couple living together, gestational age more than 39 weeks -Intervention group with 36 pregnant mother-husband pairs
-Control group of 36 with only the pregnant mother
60-90 minute health education sessions using power-point presentations and models -Full Breast feeding at six months: Intervention group- 14 of 35 (40%), control group-6 of 34(17.6%)