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From: Ethical and definitional considerations in research on child sexual violence in India

Sexual violence Rape Sexual Violence Survivor Adult survivors of child adverse event Gender based violence
Sexual abuse Prostitution Child abuse survivor Psychological sexual dysfunction Human trafficking
Sexual assault Crime victims Sexual offender Female genital mutilation Intimate partner violence
Sexual coercion Incest Paedophilia Domestic violence Emotional violence
Sexual aggression Perpetrator Sexual abuse dysfunction Sexual maltreatment Sexually harmful behaviour
Sexual offense Paedophile Pornography Paraphilic disorder Sexual exploitation
Sexual victim Sodomy Non consensual sex Cyber sexual crime Sexual harassment
Transvestism Dating violence Marital rape Sexual deviance Atypical sexual behaviour
Exhibitionism Physical violence Abusive images Juvenile delinquency Battered child syndrome
Voyeurism Masochism Molestation Exposure to violence Effects of violence
Fetishism Stalking Sexual crime Hebephilia Online sexual offender