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Table 2 Abilities attributes to describe the posture, technical capital and social capital of the stakeholders

From: Antibiotic resistance in Vietnam: moving towards a One Health surveillance system

Attributes Definition
Attributes qualifying the posture
 Legitimacy (relevancy) Relevance of the stakeholder’s surveillance tasks as defined in the strategy regarding their mandate (governmental bodies) or activities (private sector, research institutes).
 Commitment/leadership Level of willingness of the stakeholder to contribute to the fight against ABR and to act on implementing the surveillance tasks
 Confidence Level of confidence placed by the stakeholder in the success of the surveillance strategy based on (1) capacities of the stakeholders involved, (2) availability of resources, (3) willingness of stakeholders to act against ABR and to collaborate, (4) current situation regarding antibiotics use (including regulation in place)
Attributes qualifying the technical capital
 Capacities Level of technical capacities of the stakeholder to efficiently undertake surveillance tasks
 Resources Level of resources (material, human and financial) available to the stakeholder to efficiently implement surveillance tasks
 Knowledge Level of understanding of the stakeholder regarding (i) the ABR issue in general and in the context of Vietnam, (ii) the Vietnamese strategy to combat ABR, (iii) surveillance objectives for ABR, (iv) the added value of implementing a collaborative approach compared to a more conventional one.
Attributes qualifying the social capital
 Power Level of influence of the stakeholder on the implementation of the strategy
 Flexibility Level of freedom of the stakeholder to develop inter-sectoral and inter-disciplinary collaborations or public-private partnerships, especially in the field of ABR surveillance
 Willingness to collaborate across sectors and disciplines Level of interest of the stakeholder to develop collaborations across sectors and disciplines, and especially in the field of ABR surveillance
 Trust Level of trust shown by other stakeholders with regard to this stakeholder based on the latter’s capacities, resources and willingness to collaborate.