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Fig. 1

From: Antibiotic resistance in Vietnam: moving towards a One Health surveillance system

Fig. 1

Organisational and functional mapping of the main stakeholders of the ABR surveillance strategy in Vietnam.

Surveillance in food-producing animals = Department of Animal Health: management of the surveillance of ABR and ABU in food-producing animals; National center for veterinary hygiene 1: leading laboratory and central unit for ABR, sampling, laboratory testing; Regional animal health office: sampling, laboratory testing; National institute of veterinary research: technical and scientific advice; Provincial veterinary services: collecting data on antibiotic sales and monitoring usage at farm level; Animal pharmaceutical companies, feed mills and drug sellers: reporting sale data; Customs: reporting data on antibiotic importation. Surveillance in humans = Medical services department: management of the surveillance of ABR and ABU in hospitals, central unit for ABR and ABU in hospitals; Hospitals: laboratory testing and reporting data about ABR and ABU; Preventive medicine department: management of the surveillance of ABR and ABU in community; National Institute of hygiene and epidemiology: laboratory testings and central unit (national reference laboratory) for ABR in community. Surveillance in food of animal origin = National institute of nutrition: management and central unit for ABR surveillance, sampling, laboratory testing

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