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Table 2 Proportion of correct responses to questions about hepatitis B preventation

From: Epidemiological study of hepatitis B and hepatitis C infections in Northeastern China and the beneficial effect of the vaccination strategy for hepatitis B: a cross-sectional study

Whether you had positive HBsAg in the past years correct responses(%) Unclear(%)
1. It is previously known that I had positive HBsAg (HBsAg positive population) 21(16.5) 106(83.5)
Do you know how to prevent hepatitis B (all participants)
 1. Vaccination with hepatitis B vaccine can prevent HBV infection 4395(67.2) 2146(32.8)
 2. Safe blood donation and blood transfusion 2539(38.9) 4002(61.2)
 3. Teeth extraction, cosmetology and endoscopy are carried out in formal hospitals 2151(32.9) 4390(67.1)
 4. I do not know 1808(27.6)