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Table 1 Checklist of methodological quality

From: Domains and determinants of retirement timing: A systematic review of longitudinal studies

Study objective
 1 Positive if a clearly stated objective is described
Study population
 2 Positive if the main features of the study population are clearly described
 3 Positive if the inclusion and exclusion criteria are described
 4 Positive if a clear definition of retirement (timing) is given
 5 Positive if outcome source is register-based
 6 Positive if adjusted for other confounders/determinants from different scientific fields
 7 Positive if age (if possible), gender (if possible) and education are taken into account as confounders
Analysis and data evaluation
 8 Positive if appropriate statistical model is used to evaluate data
 9 Positive if effect size of variables was presented or p-value 0.05 was shown or can be calculated