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Table 2 Point prevalence and 6-month continuous abstinence at 12-month follow-up

From: Self-perceived ability to cope with stress and depressive mood without smoking predicts successful smoking cessation 12 months later in a quitline setting: a secondary analysis of a randomized trial

% (n/N) Point prevalence abstinence 6-month continuous abstinence Corrected point prevalence abstinence ratiob Corrected 6-month continuous abstinence ratiob
Responder-only 46.4 (166/358) 35.2 (126/358) 37.1 28.2
Intention to treata 27.1 (166/612) 20.6 (126/612) 21.7 16.5
  1. a Non-responders at 12-month follow-up treated as smokers
  2. bAccording to a proposed conservative correction factor of 0.8 for self-reported abstinence based on a non-response analysis at the SNTQ [47]