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Table 5 Attitude of breast cancer (n = 503)

From: A survey of knowledge and attitudes relating to cervical and breast cancer among women in Ethiopia

Questions to describe attitudes related to breast cancer Yes Not sure No
My chances of getting breast cancer in the next few years are high. 10.9 34.0 55.1
I feel I will get breast cancer some time during my life. 10.9 43.5 45.5
The thought of breast cancer scares me. 63.6 12.9 23.5
Problems I would experience with breast cancer would last a long time. 26.8 43.1 30.0
Breast cancer would threaten a relationship with my boyfriend, husband or partner. 37.8 29.4 32.8
If I developed breast cancer, I would not live longer than 5 years. 12.5 48.5 39.0
Having breast exams takes too much time. 6.4 46.3 47.3
Having breast exams is too painful. 5.4 45.3 49.3
Health care workers doing breast exams are rude to women. 11.1 15.7 73.2
I have other problems more important than having breast exams in my life. 6.6 21.7 71.8
I am too old to have breast exams regularly. 5.0 25.8 69.2
There is no health centre close to my house to have breast exams. 33.6 10.3 56.1
If there is cancer development in my destiny, having breast exams will not prevent it. 19.7 27.2 53.1
I prefer a female health worker to conduct breast exams. 65.8 2.0 32.2
I will never have breast exams if I have to pay for it. 14.1 19.7 66.2
It is embarrassing to have my breasts examined. 17.5 23.3 59.2