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Table 2 Overview of findings

From: It’s not all about price: factors associated with roll-your-own tobacco use among young people - a qualitative study

Incentivising Factors Associated with RYO use
 I. Cost
 II. Intrinsic features of RYO
  a. Ritual and artisanship
  b. Product characteristics
  c. Brand and packaging characteristics
  d. Perceived healthier alternative
 III. Social Factors
  a. Peer influences
  b. Parental and familial influences
 IV. Environmental factors
  a. Home environment
  b. Education centres
  c. Leisure venues (pubs, nightclubs)
Disincentivising Factors Associated with RYO Use
 I. Recent price increases
 II. Negative product characteristics
 III. Health effects
 IV. Denormalisation