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Table 7 Specific needs to advance physical literacy work identified in stakeholder consultations

From: Canada’s Physical Literacy Consensus Statement: process and outcome

Need Examples
Resources / tools Funding
A built environment that supports physical literacy
Tools for those working at the grassroots level
Communication / sharing / coordination Sharing what is happening in the field and opportunities for partnership
Success stories
A framework of who is doing what for each population and at each stage
Cross-sector collaboration to share messages with key decision makers
Cross-sector integration that supports physical literacy from birth
Conversations, sharing, and listening
Understanding / awareness of physical literacy Education of the general population regarding physical literacy
Community knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the importance of physical literacy
Marketing / messaging Advertisements
A campaign that links physical health to learning ability
A hub for messages and language
Overarching messaging that includes all populations
Translation of physical literacy to illustrate the importance of the construct to other sectors
A common, understandable definition
Culture shift / physical literacy being valued Relevant staff being given the authority and time to address physical literacy
More advocates and champions
A way to address systemic beliefs and practices regarding sport specialization and athletic development
Buy-in from decision makers
Information / research A system to understand how physical literacy supports literacy, numeracy, and mental health
Tools, resources, and practices that satisfy multiple outcomes from across sectors
Research regarding whether investments in physical literacy are paying off
Research that supports a case for physical literacy
Determination and communication of what the outcomes of physical literacy are
Evidence to present to decision makers
Translation of research for a lay audience
Assessment Broader and clearer indicators for physical literacy assessment
A self-assessment physical literacy app for hand-held devices
Programs Programs from birth that are physical literacy based
Accountability Mandatory time for physical education and physical literacy in schools
A way to hold relevant stakeholders accountable for physical literacy
Leadership Leadership from communities and municipalities
A connection between school leadership and the community