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Table 6 Sector-specific challenges to advancing physical literacy identified during stakeholder consultations

From: Canada’s Physical Literacy Consensus Statement: process and outcome

Sector Challenges
Education Physical education teachers have no consultants/advisors
Funding is limited for teacher release time
Lack of in-services for physical literacy curriculum and lack of course profiles
There are no accountability measures in place for physical education and physical literacy
There is no “culture of physical activity” and decreased understanding of the benefits of physical activity
Physical education is marginalized in comparison to numeracy and literacy; athletics gets the lion’s share of funding
Teachers already have a full curriculum and full schedule
Municipal Recreation staff lack awareness of physical literacy
Funding and resources to improve understanding of physical literacy are limited
Lack of champions for physical literacy
Sport Provincial sport organizations don’t incorporate physical literacy into their strategic planning and don’t provide direction to counterparts
The volunteer sport sector (such as parent coaches) is completely under-resourced
Political Interested politicians sometimes feel like a lone voice for physical literacy