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Table 3 Reasons to develop a common definition, understanding and/or key messages from stakeholder consultations

From: Canada’s Physical Literacy Consensus Statement: process and outcome

Reason Examples from the discussions
Clarity of communication / understanding There is a need for a common language so that everyone knows what we are talking about
Right now we may think that we are talking about the same thing, but we may not be
People get mixed messages from different definitions
Brand recognition / Generate buy-In We can all speak the same language to decision makers and those who are not as familiar with the term and generate brand recognition
A common understanding would help to generate buy-in with everyone we work with
Rationale for partnerships A common definition will help to connect organizations, give reasons to engage and network
Support frontline staff This will help with the interpretations at the front line
Consistency across sectors Need consistent messaging across sectors
Give legitimacy to the sector Give legitimacy for the sector
Enhance strategic planning Service providers need a common definition to put into strategic plans and missions. This will then improve opportunities to collaborate
Consistency in assessment There are inconsistencies in assessments of individual children
Need a common way of measuring so we can all talk about the same thing
A common definition can inform measurement tools
Common outcomes No matter where you are in the country, province or city, you are getting the same outcomes