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Table 2 Behavior strategies and corresponding platform features

From: Online platform for healthy weight loss in adults with overweight and obesity - the “POEmaS” project: a randomized controlled trial

Behavioral strategy Platform features
Knowledge/empowerment Short educational texts on healthy dietary, physical activity and sleeping habits
Short texts on behavioral strategies to enhance self-efficacy
Low-calorie menu suggestions
Metabolic resting energy expenditure calculations based on age and activity level
Physical activity tips according to exercise preferences
Goal setting Weight loss and calorie intake goal setting oriented by realistic goals
Graphical display of changes in weight, BMI and waist
Individualized daily calorie targets to facilitate 0.5–1 kg weight loss per week, based on participants weight, height and activity level
Outcomes expectations Automated recommendations on realistic goals linked to self-monitoring features
Self-monitoring Searchable online food diary to facilitate entry of food data
Automated weekly reminders for entering weight and specific habits considered ‘weak points’ by the user
Calculations summaries of energy balance and nutrition referenced to recommended nutrient targets and individualized goals
Modeling Recipes
Promotion of users´ successful weight loss/behavior change reports on the online social network
Scenarios with clinical cases to educate users on how to deal with weight loss issues based on real situations
Social support Online forums with participation of the users and of the project team for informational and emotional support, as well as problem-solving assistance
Challenges, which can be shared in the platform social network
Personalization Definitions of individual ‘weak points’
Automated, computer-generated, personalized feedback based on their diet and physical activity diaries, ‘weak points’ and on the use of website features