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Table 2 Proposed Study Measures

From: Gut microbiota, short chain fatty acids, and obesity across the epidemiologic transition: the METS-Microbiome study protocol

  Baseline Follow-Up Examinations
Years 1–5 Year 8 Years 9–10
Physical Activity     
 Accelerometer X X X X
 Questionnaire X   X X
Body Composition     
 Isotope Dilution X X   
 DXAa   X   
Dietary Intake X   X  
Anthropometrics X X X X
Serum & Urine Measuresb X X X X
Health history, Demographics, etc. X X X X
 Blood SCFAs X   X X
 OGTT    X  
 Gut Microbiota    X X
  1. aDXA for body composition and bone mineral density measures not available only in Seychelles
  2. bSerum measures include fasting glucose, insulin, adiponectin, leptin, lipids, CRP, cystatin C at baseline and glucose, adiponectin and leptin at follow-up examinations