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Table 1 Search strategy for electronic databases

From: Built and natural environment planning principles for promoting health: an umbrella review

Built environment characteristics Built environment OR neighbourhood design OR housing OR healthy food OR natural environment OR sustainable environment OR transport* OR smart growth OR urban planning OR urban environment OR physical environment OR spatial planning OR food availability OR food environment OR open space OR outdoor* OR countryside OR nature OR allotment OR air quality OR air pollution OR construction facility OR design OR planning OR land use mix or residential OR walkability OR traffic OR green space OR social mix OR housing mix OR salutogenic environments OR liveable environments OR urban design OR cycle networks OR cycle provision OR pedestrian provision OR car-free developments OR home zones
Health outcomes Health outcome OR health OR health gain* OR injury preven* OR accident OR physical health OR mental health OR emotional health OR blood pressure OR physical activity OR diet OR activ* OR exercise OR nutrition OR energy intake OR obes* or overweight OR fruit and vegetable OR cardiovascular OR CVD OR suicide OR violence OR disorder OR road safety OR wellbeing OR well-being OR disability OR sedent* OR moderate-to-vigorous physical activity OR MVPA or weight status OR walking OR cycling or road traffic collision OR RTC or RTA or alcohol
Study type Systematic review OR meta-analys*
  1. Note. * = Truncation. Electronic databases searched: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews; EPPI CENTRE; MEDLINE; PsycINFO; SafetyLit; Transport Research Information Service (TRIS); and, Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts (ASSIA)