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Table 1 Search strings and records retrieved from databases

From: Safer tattooing interventions in prisons: a systematic review and call to action

Sources Search terms Retrieved
 Summon ((Abstract:(tattooing)) OR (Abstract:(tattoo))) AND ((Abstract:(safe)) OR (Abstract:(legal))) AND ((Abstract:(prison)) OR (Abstract:(jail)) OR (Abstract:(incarcerat)) OR (Abstract:(inmate)) OR (Abstract:(detaine)) OR (Abstract:(custod)) OR (Abstract:(detention)) OR (Abstract:(crim)) OR (Abstract:(offend)) OR (Abstract:(correctional)) OR (Abstract:(forensic)) OR (Abstract:(penal institution))) 28
 MEDLINE (((((tattoo[Title/Abstract]) OR tattooing[MeSH Terms])) AND ((legal[Title/Abstract]) OR safe[Title/Abstract]))) AND ((((((((((((prison[MeSH Terms]) OR jail[Title/Abstract]) OR incarcerat[Title/Abstract]) OR inmate[Title/Abstract]) OR detaine[Title/Abstract]) OR custod[Title/Abstract]) OR detention[Title/Abstract]) OR crim[Title/Abstract]) OR offend[Title/Abstract]) OR correctional[Title/Abstract]) OR forensic[Title/Abstract]) OR penal institution[Title/Abstract]) 6
 Web of Science (tattooing OR tattoo) AND (safe OR legal) AND (prison OR jail OR incarcerat OR inmate OR detaine OR custod OR detention OR crim OR forensic OR offend OR correctional OR penal institution) 19
Hand searching of references (snowballing)   2
Subtotal   55
Minus duplicates   40
Identified for appraisal   1