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Table 1 HDSS sites included in this multi-centre analysis

From: Association between internal migration and epidemic dynamics: an analysis of cause-specific mortality in Kenya and South Africa using health and demographic surveillance data

HDSS Site Population Size (approximate) Size of Site (km2) Settlement Type Population Density Estimate (persons per km2) Inception Year Contiguity and Location
 Agincourt HDSS South Africa [49] 91,178 420 (Mostly) Rural 217.1 1992 Contiguous site situated in northeast South Africa close to border with Mozambique.
 AHRI HDSS South Africa [50] 85,000 438 (Mostly) Rural 194.1 1997 Contiguous site in the Umkanyakude district of KwaZulu-Natal.
 Kisumu HDSS Kenya [40] 223,406 700 (Mostly) Rural 319.2 2001 Contiguous site located in Siaya County (HDSS comprises Asembo, Gem and Karemo sub-countries), situated northeast of Lake Victoria, Nyanza Province, Western Kenya.
 Nairobi HDSS Kenya [51] 71,000 0.97 Urban 73,195.9 2002 Non-contiguous site comprising Viwandani and Korogocho slum settlements (7 km apart) in capital, Nairobi.