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Table 2 Documents Reviewed

From: Alcohol policies in Malawi: inclusion of WHO “best buy” interventions and use of multi-sectoral action

Document Type



Taxation Act 2001

Road Traffic Act 1998

Consumer Protection Act 2003

Liquor Act, of 1979 (Last Amended in 2000) Chapter 50:07 of the Laws of Malawi

Malawi Bureau of Standards Act 2012


Liquor (Production, Marketing & Distribution) Regulation 2015

Strategic and/or Action Plans

National Road Safety Strategic and Five year Action Plan (2015–2020)

National Drug Control Master Plan (2005)

Health Sector Strategic Plan (2011–2016)

National Action Plan for Prevention and Management of NCDs in Malawi (2012–2016)


National Health Promotion Policy (2013)

National Alcohol Policy (2017)