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Table 1 Overview of Tobacco control policies in Nigeria

From: Analysis of tobacco control policies in Nigeria: historical development and application of multi-sectoral action

Year/Source Policy Content
1951, Section 6 of the Nigeria (Revenue allocation) Order in-Council Revenue allocation document licensing and controlling tobacco importation
1990, Tobacco Smoking (Control) Decree 20 Tobacco Smoking (Control) Decree 20, 1990 banned smoking in specified public places, and it required warning messages on every tobacco advertisement and sponsorship.
1990, Tobacco (Control) Act 1990 CAP.T16) changed after Nigeria transitioned to democratic rule in year 2000 Tobacco (Control) Act 1990 CAP.T16) same as for 1990.
2009, National Tobacco Control Bill National Tobacco Control Bill 2009
Passed in 2011 but president refused to sign in 2013.
regulation or control of production, manufacture, sale, advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco or tobacco products in Nigeria
2014, Standard Organisation of Nigeria, Tobacco and Tobacco Products - Specifications for Cigarettes 2014 Standard for Tobacco and Tobacco Products - Specifications for Cigarettes compliant specifications on how the packaging for cigarettes (i.e. cartons, rolls and individual packets) should be marked with health warnings on the dangers of tobacco use and prohibits the use of flavouring substances with potential to initiate or appeal to children
2015, National Tobacco Control Act The National Tobacco Control Act 2015 Tobacco Control Bill 2009 was modified to include establishment of Tobacco control committee and tobacco control unit; Tobacco control funding; prohibition of smoking in public places; prohibition on tobacco emissions disclosure; tobacco products packaging and labeling; enforcements and roles of responsible Organisation; education, communication and public awareness and miscellaneous including price and tax measures
Developed in 2013 but reviewed in 2015. Nigerian National Policy and Strategic Plan of Action on Non-Communicable Diseases protecting people from tobacco smoke in public places and work places, warning people about the dangers of tobacco, enforcing bans on advertising, promotion and sponsorship, and raising tobacco tax and prices.