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Table 2 Implementation of tobacco legislation in relation to FCTC ratificationa

From: Influence of the WHO framework convention on tobacco control on tobacco legislation and policies in sub-Saharan Africa

Best buys 1988–1999b 2006 2007 2008 2010 2012 2013 2014 2015 At least one policy as of 2015
Protect people from tobacco smoke C,S,N N C,K, S,N S,N K, T,N C, N T,N C, N C, N C,K,N,T,S
Enforce bans on tobacco advertising S,N C,N K,S,N S,N T,N N N, T N N C,K,N,T,S
Warn about the dangers of tobacco S,S,N N C,K, S,N S,N K, T,N N, T T,N N N C,K,N,T,S
Increase taxes on tobacco S,S N K, N N T,N K, N, T T,N C, N N C,K,N,T,S
Ban school sales S,C,N          C,S,N
Ban school use C,N   C        C,N
Prevention activities N   C        C,N
  1. Country w/ ratification/acceptance year
  2. aC Cameroon (3 Feb 2006), K Kenya (25 June 2004), M Malawi (not ratified), N Nigeria (20 Oct 2005), T Togo (15 Nov 2005), S South Africa (19 Apr 2005)
  3. bNo policies were implemented in 2000–2005, 2009, or 2011