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Table 1 WHO-recommended tobacco “best buy” interventions and country policy status

From: Influence of the WHO framework convention on tobacco control on tobacco legislation and policies in sub-Saharan Africa

“Best buy” interventions Interventions implemented Country
Cameroon Kenya Malawi Nigeria South Africa Togo
Taxation Taxation on all cigarettes Yes Yes Partial No Yes Yes
Any increase in tobacco taxes since 2011 OR in 2011 you were already at 75% Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
The tax on tobacco is at least 75% (from FCTC) No Yes No No Yes No
The tax applies to all tobacco products (cigarettes, snuffs, chewing tobacco) (some products = partial) Partial Yes Partial No Yes Yes
Smoke free policies There is a national smoke free policy that covers all public places (some cities or settings = partial) Partial Partial No Yes Yes Yes
There are enforced penalties for non-compliance (having penalties but not enforced = partial) No No No Partial Partial Partial
Health warnings on tobacco products Multiple warnings/images are rotated from time to time, applies to all brands/products No Partial No Partial Partial No
Large, clear, visible (at least 30% coverage) and legible all brands/all prodcuts (if only some of these words are in the legislation = partial) Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Health warning includes pictures or pictograms all brands/all products No Yes No No Yes No
Include constituents and emissions of tobacco (e.g., how much tar) on all brands/products Partial Yes No No No Yes
In official country language on all brands (only some brands/products = partial) Partial Partial No No Partial Yes
Required on all tobacco products (if on only some products or brands, partial) Partial Yes No Partial Yes Yes
Advertising ban Ban advertising, promotion and sponsorship of all tobacco products Partial Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Ban for all forms of mass media Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Disclosure of expenditure on advertising by industry No No No No No Yes