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Table 3 Summary of Positive STEPS counseling topics and video vignettes

From: Positive STEPS – a randomized controlled efficacy trial of an adaptive intervention for strengthening adherence to antiretroviral HIV treatment among youth: study protocol

Session Topics Addressed Video(s) Viewed
1: Introduction - “Getting to know you”
- Adherence psycho-education
- Session roles & expectations
2: Logistics & HIV Care - Getting to appointments
- Getting medications
- Talking with treatment team
Taking notes & asking questions at the doctor
3: Coping with HIV - Side effects
- Daily medication schedule
- Managing mood
Trying to stay on a medication schedule
4: Privacy, Support, & HIV - Managing social life
- Dealing with disclosure
- Storing medications
HIV-related stigma” and “Debate about disclosing HIV status
5: Adherence Slips & Wrap-up - Taking care of “my own” HIV
- Handling medication slips
- Review of strategies that have and have not worked
Multiple strategies for adherence