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Table 3 Description of implementation strategies

From: Complex multiple risk intervention to promote healthy behaviours in people between 45 to 75 years attended in primary health care (EIRA study): study protocol for a hybrid trial

Stage Key element Description
Pre-implementation Barriers and facilitators During this stage, the scientific literature will be reviewed. Likewise, the researchers will assess local needs, resources, barriers and facilitators to develop specific implementation strategies. Perspectives of clinicians on the internal resources will be measured by the “Survey of Organizational Attributes for Primary Care”.
Support materials All the support material for the intervention will be drawn up.
Management and quality control systems Mechanisms for the effective communication and the case report form will be defined and piloted. A checklist (on-line database) will be developed and piloted to monitor the progress of implementation in each PHC centre.
Facilitation and leadership The facilitator (member of the research team) and the leader (member of the primary care team) of the implementation will be designated.
Commitment of the stakeholders Formal compromises will be made with the managers (at the macro, meso and micro levels) and with the professionals of the centres involved and community partners.
Training Training activities will be carried out in which training in motivational interview will have a central role
Collaborative modelling Local sessions to adapt and tailor the intervention to the specific context trough shares decisions making.
Implementation Collaborative learning The facilitator and the leader of implementation will monitor the implementation processes, identify opportunities for improvement and optimise implementation.
Commitment of main stakeholders Audit and feedback techniques will be used towards the main stakeholders in order to keep the agreed compromise and the motivation.
Training Health professionals will receive continuous training in motivational interview.
Post-implementation Management and quality control systems The evaluation of implementation will be carried out through qualitative and quantitative methodologies