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Table 2 Heart Matters Primary & Secondary Outcomes

From: Heart Matters: a study protocol for a community based randomized trial aimed at reducing cardiovascular risk in a rural, African American community

Outcome Measure Data Collection Method Data Collection Time Points
Baseline 6 mo. 12 mo.
Primary Body Weight (lbs.) Tanita WB-800 Professional Digital Weight Scale x x x
Secondary Blood Pressure Omron HEM907XL-Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor x x x
Grip Strength Camry 200 Handgrip Dynamometer x x x
Balance Timed Up and Go Test x x x
Blood Glucose (A1c) A1CNow Plus System x x x
Cardiovascular Inflammatory Biomarkers Whatman™ 903 Protein Saver Blood Spot Collection Card x x x
Diet FLASHE Dietary Screener x x x
Physical Activity 7-day Physical Activity Recall Questionnaire x x x
Self-Efficacy Self-Efficacy for Diet and Exercise Behaviors Questionnaire x x x
Social Support Social Support for Diet and Exercise Behaviors Questionnaire x x x
Health and Well-Being SF-36 Questionnaire x x x
CVD Risk Factors Life’s Simple 7 Questionnaire x x x