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Table 2 Summary of factors favoring treatment initiation and favoring non-initiation included in Practical Factors theme

From: Perceived barriers and facilitators of initiation of behavioral weight loss interventions among adults with obesity: a qualitative study

  Both Initiators and Non-initiators Initiators only Non-Initiators only Representative Quote
Reasonable cost Favoring initiation
• Able to afford
• Paid for by work or insurance
Favoring initiation
• Money saved by changing eating habits offset program costs
Favoring initiation
• Cost is reasonable for expected effectiveness
Favoring non-initiation
• Not able to afford
“Cost would be a factor. I would be less likely to spend a lot of money on something unless I was really guaranteed what the result was.” (non-initiator)
Scheduling compatibility Favoring initiation
• Compatibility with other obligations
• Flexible schedule/drop-in options
Favoring non-initiation
• Anticipate incompatibility with other obligations
Favoring initiation
• Short sessions
NA “Whatever the time and date would be, I have to miss half of them because of traveling or work or whatever it is.” (non-initiator)