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Table 2 Overview of indicators, methods, and time points of data collection

From: Effect, process, and economic evaluation of a combined resistance exercise and diet intervention (ProMuscle in Practice) for community-dwelling older adults: design and methods of a randomised controlled trial

    -T1 (Enrolment) T0 (week 0) T1 (week 12) T2 (week 2)4 T3 (week 3)6 T4c (week 52)
Enrolment Indicators Method   INTa CONb INT CON INT CON INT CON INT CON
   Informed consent X           
Eligibility screen Frailty stated Fried frailty criteria [19], medical questionnaire, additional screening questionnaire (optional) X           
Allocation     X X         
Outcomes Indicators Method            
Socio-demographics Age, gender, education, ethnic background, marital status, job status, smoking Participant questionnaire [21]   X X         
Disease history Participant questionnaire [21]   X X         
Height Stadiometer   X X         
Nutritional statusd SNAQ [20] X           
Olfactory function Sniffin’ sticks [22]   X X         
Meal functionalities Questionnaire [23]   X X         
Overall Quality of life EQ-5D-5L [25]e   X X X X X X X X X X
Long-term Physical functioning / fitness SPPB [27], TUG [28, 29], 6MWT [30]   X X X X X X X X X X
Basic Lower Extremity function questionnaire [32]   X X X X X X   X   
Lower extremity strength 3-RM on leg press and leg extension   X X X X       
Knee extension with hand held dynamometer (MicroFET)   X X X X X X X X X X
Body composition (lean mass, fat mass, hydration status) and weight DXA, BIS   X X X X X X     
Weighing scale   X X X X X X X X X X
Social participation Social Role Domain questionnaire [36]   X X X X X X   X   
Intermediate Dietary / protein intake 3-day food diaries   X X X X X X   X   
Urinary nitrogenf   X X X X X X     
Physical activity LAPAQ [37]   X X X X X X   X   
Actigraphg   X X         
Initial Behavioural determinants Participant questionnaire (based on [38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45])   X X X X X X     
  1. aIntervention participants
  2. bControl participants
  3. cOnly in Epe, Ermelo/Putten, and Harderwijk
  4. dMeasured during screening
  5. eAlso collected through regular post at T0.5 (week 6) and T1.5 (week 18)
  6. fCollected once at one of the time points for each participant, not collected in Apeldoorn
  7. gCollected in a random subsample of participants